Eartha’s vision is to live so that others, particularly disenfranchised women, young and old, will be inspired to pursue their dreams at any age.


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Eartha G. Gatlin was born and reared in Rockford, Illinois. She is the author of The Chronicles of Bria Twon. Hey You. What About Me, Bria Twon? is Eartha’s second work of fiction in the Bria Twon series. She is the proud mother of three children, Demond, Paris, and Jasmine, and grandmother of three, Jada, JaKobe, and London. Eartha loves God, her family, and continuous learning.

Eartha like many was reared in church and had many leadership roles over the years, such as the Young Adult Women’s Sunday School Teacher, Vacation Bible School Director, Choir President, Choir Vice president, Praise Team, and Choir singer. Eartha Gatlin also had the distinction of being one of the featured speakers for the 2011 PBC Annual Women’s Day event.


Eartha is a leader and mentor. Eartha writes inspirational fiction. Eartha’s desire is to encourage women to be their best selves. Eartha’s goal is for readers to see themselves through the lens of her characters, while humorously entertaining them. Eartha now resides in the DFW/Fort Worth metroplex.


After achieving success with the first Bria Twon book, Her second work of Fiction HEY YOU. WHAT ABOUT ME, BRIA TWON? has now been released and available on and Barnes and Noble.


Sabria Twon had had enough. She finally made it up in her mind to do some serious soul searching about what to do next post-divorce, retirement, and empty nesting. For starters, Bria decided to no longer ignore God’s pebbles, Lord knows she had dodged many bricks (obstacles) along the way, so she ventured off alone to relocate to the big state of Texas to begin a new life.


Bria had been so many things to so many people for ever so long. Now it was time for her, no more excuses, no more putting others first, no questions asked, she sells her house, sends her adult children a text with her plans and off she goes.


At this stage in her life, there was only one person’s opinion that mattered. It was at that moment, Bria faced herself straight in the mirror and asks, “Hey you. What about me, Bria Twon?”


In her pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, Bria is determined to find the answer. The question was, would Bria be willing to face the reality that lie ahead?

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