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What’s Next with An Empty Nest?

You take a deep breath out, and suddenly you realize you don't hear a thing. There's no more peddling of small footsteps or no one following your every move. The sugary cereals they munched on before catching the bus to school are no longer in the cabinet. You are an empty nester. Many mothers sink in the moment and casually recall the days where their whole schedule wrapped around their children and although we can all reminisce on those precious days, recall the times you've said you were so excited for this very day to come. You have the clock back in your corner, and it's time to celebrate the start of an incredible chapter that takes on a new meaning to the phrase empty nester. But the question most women have in this new journey is, what's next?

With all of the memories you have of pouring yourself into your children, it's time to pour back into yourself and let that cup runneth over! Find joy on your terms. Although you may want to continue considering your family in big decisions, this is the time to consider yourself first. Rediscover everything you may have set aside because it just couldn't fit into your schedule. Breathe into this freedom and flexibility that you haven't had in so many years, or even at all. Get to know yourself again as an individual and see everything that is in store for you. Perhaps there's a skill you've always wanted to learn, you can become a student again. You may have an opportunity to travel to places you've never seen before, book the flight.

What's incredible about this new life in front of you is knowing that you have accomplished such a big task and can finally celebrate one of your most significant accomplishments. Something most women don't realize is that this is a fortunate moment to be able to have an empty nest. You've set the bar high and can reward yourself for putting in the hard work and putting yourself last in many instances. The time is now to shift the priority and take a step forward in how you want to live your life. Make it your new mission to not only find your passion but pursue it with drive and confidence no matter what it may be. Granted, it can be scary to think that much has passed since you've treaded new waters, but that's the beauty in it all. You have the time to take it all in and use every great experience and learning lesson to cultivate your world exactly how you imagine it.

Whether it is taking on a new hobby, business, project, or even the dating scene, life as an empty nester is your moment to thrive. How you want to spend it should make you incredibly happy and proud of who you are becoming in this chapter. It's another opportunity for growth, another experience of adventure, and another reason to take full advantage of all life has to offer. Best of all, your children will still be by your side whenever you need that extra boost of unconditional love. So, what are you waiting for?

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
15 déc. 2020

What’s the next step, that’s the question I’ve been asking myself. Where do I go from here? Here is a good spot it’s a safe spot convenient spot but I know there’s much more. Praying and waiting on God to direct my path!

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