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Eartha Gatlin


Born and raised in Rockford Illinois, Eartha Gatlin is the talented author behind two captivating books, The Chronicles of Bria Twon and Hey You, What About Me Bria Twon? notably her latest work, Who Told You Family is Perfect, Bria Twon? the third installment in the Bria Twon series, marks Eartha’s continued exploration of fiction. As a leader and mentor, Eartha crafts relatable situational woman's fiction with the aim of inspiring women to embrace their best selves. Through her writing, she humorously engages readers, inviting them to see aspects of themselves through the lens of her compelling characters. Beyond her role as an author, Eartha is the proud owner of Ahtrae Publishing, LLC where she has successfully self-published five books, including notable works like Conflict of Intere$t and No Hope by author Tyress Cunningham. Currently residing in the dynamic DFW Metroplex, Eartha Gatlin continues to contribute her unique voice and perspective to the literary world.

Stay connected with Eartha Gatlin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Threads at Author_Eartha Gatlin.


My Pitch

"I'm passionate about more than just selling books or achieving financial success through writing. My focus is on telling stories that resonate with ordinary people, particularly women. Through my work, I aim to empower and inspire women to embrace their authenticity, overcome obstacles, and live their best lives. I believe in amplifying voices and conveying the message that it's never too late to pursue your dreams. Let's move beyond words and take action – with determination and effort, anything is achievable."

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